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Designer CEO - Colin Burn
With 25 years experience working with precious metals, Colin is the ultimate alchemist. He has a passion for anything unique and draws upon his creative talents to design exotic and provocative pieces. Whether creating natural objects laden with gold or crafting the finest pearl and diamond jewellery, Colin is always breaking new ground with his alternative thinking. His concept to create sensual jewellery for pleasure has inspired him and his team to challenge the world’s conventional thinking and explore the possibilities of sensuality through luxury.


Creative Director - Nicole Gallus
Combining her artistic talents and passion for living a sensual and fulfilling life, Nicole is determined to share the luxurious Scarlet Amour experience with the world. Working closely with Designer Colin Burn, Nicole adds her feminine touch to the unique jewellery designs. Drawing inspiration from the sensuality of the pearl and the unique nature of the contemporary jewellery pieces, Nicole has worked to develop the sleek and sophisticated image that is Scarlet Amour.


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